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Arfem Construction; Was established in 1988 in Diyarbakir to operate in the construction of highway, infrastructure, dam, drinking water pond, treatment plant and hydroelectric plant. Arfem Construction has most successful businesses in the province Turkey, confidently get from this success, taking more responsibility for our country and of our services are directed to new investment and employment. In this direction, Arfem Aluminum says : “We are producing from Diyarbakir to the World.” Turkey and the region for investment and economic activity, employment and value creation responsibility to maintain the Arfem Aluminum, increasing the production since its inception and the number of employees continues its rapid development. Arfem Aluminum operates on a total area of 40.000 m² with a staff of 285 employees and a closed area of 21.000 m². Our company produces 1.200 tons / month capacity 1.100,1.450 and 2.200 tons of 3 Extrusion Presses, Anodizing and Electrostatic Powder Coatings. In addition to producing aluminum profiles for special projects, Arfem Aluminum also produces aluminum profiles for areas such as construction, furniture, shower cabins, glass balconies, curtains, handrail and electronics. Arfem Aluminum; Although it has a significant share in the domestic market with its Factory Outlets in Mersin, Ankara and Konya, it exports to many European and Middle Eastern countries. At the same time, Arfem Company, which operates in Northern Iraq, exports to neighboring countries and provides a serious export income to the country's economy.
KAYRA METAL combines its knowledge and experience of a quarter century with its flexible and dynamic structure with Amanos brand and continues to sign projects successfully worldwide. Kayra Metal Inc. offers high quality products to its national and international customers with economic solutions in short periods with its profile, system profiles, facade cladding systems, composite panels, office partition systems, solar control systems and accessories. Kayra Metal Inc. with its expert, experienced staff, 5.500 m² closed area equipped with high technology equipments provides to its customers; architectural design, project management, manufacturing, logistics services. We’re investigating new ways of delivering our power to more people. In addition, we aim to provide our business partners with creative ideas and works. As Kayra Metal Inc. we are working to produce solutions to the projects with our R & D, production and sales strength.
As the leading company of the sector, Kolas Aluminum Facade Systems, we took a step in the brand journey in Ankara in 2012. We spread with 81 in a very short time with our advanced state-of-the-art machinery and experienced staff. Today, we are proud to deliver the design of their dreams in a fast and high quality way both in our country and to many countries of the world. Our competent technical team, with our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment; In Architectural Facade Dressing Systems, we successfully carry out all the applications that should be done in Aluminum and PVC sector for architects and end consumers.
Our Company BKS Katlanir Cam Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd was established in 2004 in Ostim Organize Industry in Ankara. Our field of activity is the folding glass systems industry. Thanks to our dealers network you can find our products used in many residential and business places around the world. It is used in the design and production for the balcony glazing industry is which is comprised of over 350 plastic injections, nearly 100 extrusion molds which in total we have more than 750 kinds of products and more than 3,000 semi-finished.
Gurmen PVC Plastik Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., was established in June 2002 in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone in order to produce PVC door and window profile. Subsequently, started to R&D efforts and in order to create a source for these works, many domestic and foreign companies pvc profile designs of were analyzed. After these analyzing, the details were prepared and completed the series PRO6004 and PROSLIDE-84. PVC Door and Window Profiles Producing Plant 2004 Test production has been completed on July 3, 2004 and started production in real terms. Provides PVC window and door systems with a network of dealers throughout Turkey and regional offices in Marmara and Denizli. New series have been prepared in line with the demands and needs. PRO5003, PRO6003, PRO6004, PRO7005, PROSUR70 and PROSUR84 series meet the needs of manufacturers, architects, engineers and end users. There are alternatives that can provide the solution for each project. Proline has a laboratory and quality control team, produces faithfully to the quality management systems. Ready Made Doors and Windows Producing Plant Directindustry 2004 It was founded in 2004 in order to serve abroad completely. Keep pace with today’s technology and in order to meet demand, the development continued with new investments and is continuing. It has been moved to Izmir Free Zone in 2013, Ready doors and windows produced with CNC machining centers are exported to many countries, mainly European countries. Decorative Door Panels Producing Plant 2016 We completed the preparations for the decorative door panels production facility and had to operate in 2016. Customizable and rich model options are offered as a complementary product to the door producers without any compromise in quality as it is in pvc profile production.
Our company was founded in 1992, active in PVC Plastics Joinery, production and installation works. Over the years, we succeeded in reaching four corners of Istanbul thanks to our network of sub distributors.
Established in 1970 ,TEKNIK DEKOR is a manufacturing company in Aluminum and PVC sector. Our company is a solution partner for project consulting, marketing, sales, manufacturing, installation and after-sales services with our experienced staff. Apart from joinery and balcony glazing profiles, handrail profiles and accessories, Schonline PVC profiles, sigma profile system, flyscreen system profiles and accessories, plastic panels, shutters and the joinery profiles, furniture and advertising profiles, aluminum sheets and composite panels(ACP) we also manufacture and sell composite panel cutting and grouting, custom mould manufacturing and mechanical workmanship for flyscreens,Plisse Insect Screens and Sliding cabinet doors and Automatic doors . We also manufacture ,shop fittings and retail indoor and outdoor display stands, to increase the visual impact of companies. Recently we have started to manufacture Aluminium Pergolas with its various series, is a rail awning system enabling you to expand your outdoor areas and use them all the year around. The retractable roof system with its clean lines and modern design, provides protection from sun, rain and wind. BALCONY GLASS SYSTEMS,including:Folding Glass system (with 8 mm tempered glass),Double glazed Folding Glass system, Sliding Glass System (3 rails or 5 rails)(with 8 mm tempered glass),Double Glazed Sliding Glass System (3 rails), Guillautine system (with 8 mm tempered glass) and Double Glazed Guillautine system are our manufacturing items. We will be happy to see you among our customers especially architects, builders, cabinet makers, carpenters, educational equipment manufacturers, private mansions, hotels, restaurants, store owners.
BALKONCAM road, a trademark of ILEN-ay Construction Materials Ltd., was established in 2002 in order to meet the needs of Bursa people such as folding glass balcony , flaunt systems , grills, PVC join
Our company, which was founded in Istanbul as a workshop under the title of DEKOR TEKNIK in 1988, has developed its premises and machineries for the purpose of catching up with the developments in the Iron and Steel sector and in technology. In addition to those developments, our company institutionalized and was named as LIDER DEKORATIF DEMIR. In 1997, the company started to establish factories and enhance its production capacity and its product range by founding closed area facilities of 7000m2 in Kocaeli in 1997. Without setting a limit for our investments and targets, we continue production activities by establishing the second factory with a closed area of 4100m2 in Izmir in 2013. As LIDER DEKORATIF DEMIR, we increase our product range and our relevant success, by raising our total capacity to 9000 tons per year, through modernization and investment efforts, with no concessions to our quality and customer satisfaction policy. With a view to ensure that our products are produced in world standards and even produced with higher quality, LIDER DEKORATIF DEMIR that is equipped with automation machines, robot systems and new production lines by making use of today’s technology has also established its own R&D department. Our company now designs and produces moulds and machines itself, thanks to its expert R&D staff of 15, in order to expedite production, enhance quality and produce lowest-cost products. Giving particular importance to customer satisfaction, LIDER DEKORATIF DEMIR checks every stage of production meticulously, as well as paying attention to working professionally from the procurement of raw materials to the shipping of final goods. In line with such efforts, successes achieved by our company have been confirmed with international quality management certificate ISO 9001 ve UKAS QUALITY MANAGEMENT certificates